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Thursday, June 08, 2006

If it's shiny

"If it's shinier, then I can sleep better. If it's darker, then I can't. The shinier it is, the better I can sleep."
No kidding, man. No kidding.
I decided not to close the door. I decided to let teh longer daylight fade naturally even though it might mean a few extra trips up the stairs with the same recommended, repeated message. Bed time. Time to go to bed. Crawl into bed. Simple mantras repeated for as long as it takes. Bed Time. Time to go to bed. Crawl into bed.
If you don't sleep I'll take babies away. Oops. Did I say that?! Shitballs. I get two parent demerits and another spot on the gameboard to hellsville.
"When it's shiny, I don't feel like sleeping."
Wait a minute. Now you're screwing with me.