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Friday, April 07, 2006

Workday Challenged I

The Challenge:
Worst/Best/Worst Again Pickup Line Phrased in Awkward Language Guaranteed to Get Shot Down:

The Response(s):
A man ambles up to a woman with her dog on a leash sitting on a park bench.

Man: Is that dog a drug dog?
Woman: What?

Man: Is that dog a drug dog because if love is the most powerful drug of all I think I'm OD'ing on you and I don't want your dog to turn me in to the DEA before I've gotten your phone number.

Woman: Um...


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Blogger The Ferndale Dad said...

now that Desired College Degree thing is some funny shit!!! wow. hold on...wiping away the ...whooo!...tears.

2:47 PM  
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