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Monday, March 13, 2006

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

The ceiling is a grid of aluminum that shows the guts of the building that have been wrapped in bright colors and tangled in tubes of pulsing neon. But the lights are off and the hum is so audible you forget about it. And the walls are just tall enough that I don’t know who’s there and I’m just tall enough to poke my head over and see that no one’s there but a rotating screensaver of a crescent moon with the word “lunacy” on it. So I kick the soccer ball against the window and I put on my headphones and I get another cup of coffee and I wander over to paul’s desk and he’s not there and I check my e-mail again and again and it’s only 2:14 and they say it’s going to be colder tomorrow and I’m still remembering the guy in the elevator on Friday who told me at 4 pm to “take the rest of the week off” and he laughed and laughed. And then I did. And now bryan’s split and jeannie’s gonna do the same and kevin’s out nursing his newborn baby there are books I’ve written that I’ve not seen yet and books I’ve seen that I’ve not written yet and there goes the e-mail. 50 more characters, legally-approved so that we don’t have to run it by charlotte cuz the client waited until it was urgent before deciding it was urgent. Gotta run…


Anonymous Armen Tanzarian said...

you can take the rest of the week off just as long as you have your target costs ready for the przygockilator to review first thing Monday, which of course compels me to not drink nearly as much as I am capable of on a Sunday afternoon comming down. Memphis is only a short hop away, yet so close to home you can almost hear the Motor D as you walk down the street. All I want to do is see Graceland one more time before it is turned into DollywoodDisneyworldGraceland. Then it is all about driving to places you would rather not be. Places where it scares you that there are people that be there. You find yourself at an ATM at 10 pm, looking over your shoulder at the only other guy that is out and about in this one town horse. Convinced that you are going to be robbed, he kindly offers you some kind. You decline, but it was good to know it is available. Tomorrow will be another day of gas stations and ...gas stations.

Still, there are books you have written that I have read and books you have written that I have only read about. I'll get you for that purple monkey dishwater comment.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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