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Monday, March 27, 2006

Day Anything

With all apologies to Dobler 'n' shit.
I'm not nearly organized enough with this effort yet to say which day it is of my training regimen. Hell, I can't even be arsed (thanks, The British!) to remember what day the triathalon for which I'm training will be held.
Nevertheless (thanks, evolving English language!) I ran a mile today (see also "A Mile! A Damn Mile!") and then I rode 2.5 miles right afterward. Now, this would be even more impressive if I wasn't Shanghai'd (thanks, Chinese city with a stereotypical penchant for piracy and kidnapping!) by my neighbor who proceeded to tell me about a tirathalon she read about in the Ferndale Mirror ("or was it Woodward Talk?" she mused aloud -- thanks, Literary Pretension!) as well as regaling me with her insider information on "cow flop bingo" ('fascinating!,' say top critics!). Since she waylaid me for like 5 minutes, I had a chance to rest. Catch my breath. Making it less impressive a feat of training. Nevertheless (see also, earlier paragraph kudos), I kept the rock a' rockin' this Monday despite the 30 degree temps.
Ah, shit, the kids are ruining each others paintings. Gotta jump.
Smell ya later. (thanks 5th grade playground!)


Anonymous aloha taylor said...

What was the last time you went swimming in Hawaii?

Thinking of Hawaii,
aloha taylor

9:13 AM  
Blogger The Ferndale Dad said...

good question, aloha. really really good question. I suppose the last time I went swimming in Hawaii was when me and the gang went ot pursue the mysteries of the mola-mola and got mixed up with the ahi-ahi when we went a surfin'-sirfin'. Turns out old man winters (no pun intended as this was our token "hawaii trip") had taken out a large investment on some land near the surfing grounds and planned to use it for condo development. He was just using the ahi-ahi -- or native native -- ghosts as a "scare tactic" as a certain garage band would have it to frighten the locals. turns out -- ahem -- we weren't locals and, as they say in the South "we ain't skeered". So, in short, and to wear down an already otherwise worn out catchphrase, he would have gotten away with it, too -- if it weren't for us meddlin' kids!
etc. etc.
Thanks for asking aloha, and keep on reading the "blog".

7:39 PM  
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