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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Holy crow is the upcoming Kelley Stoltz jam lurvely. It's called Below the Branches.
He's got a new 45 out on Cass Records, too with a choon called "'84 Tigers" that you may have heard on a little radio show called "Radio Fever."
coffee? Yes, please.

Even My Internal Soundtrack is Out to Get My Sanity

So I'm putting up the last of the Christmas lights -- old school, big bulbs -- on the front porch this morning before heading off to work (shut up! Like you don't have a to-do list that makes you do dumb shit at dumb times.) Anyhoo, so I'm feeding the bulbs through the bushes (ahem) and what the hell's in my head? That's right that painful Paul McCartney jham-lite "Wonderful Christmas" or whatever. "simply, having, a wonderful christmans time". Gotcha, didn't I? Even my internal soundtrack is at best ironic, at worst out to rip the last shreds of good taste from my noggin.
As if that's not bad enough, having accomplished said light hanging, I set about packing away the trampoline in the garage -- it's sat disused in the yard since the snow-thaw-snow-thaw rollercoaster set ta rollin'. and i don't have to be at a meeting till 9 am, so i'm like, totally on a roll, right? right. feeling good. feeling spry.
So first of all, it's too effing tall to fit in the garage without being totally disassembled. Another hour gone. So I stash the fugga next to the garage (you know, by the log pile? right, right). And sweartaquincyJones if the theme from "Sanford & Son" doesn't sneak through with Redd "funky" Foxx funkiness usurping Sir "sappy" Paul.
I think in the end I came out a winner even though by the time i sat down at my desk it was right back to the usual "I feel like chicken tonite, like chicken tonight."
as you were. as i was. back to trucks and meetings and tabling discussions for further offline definition, etc. etc.