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Monday, September 12, 2005

Schoool 'n' soooocer 'n' Gooooooooallllll!!!!!!!

For too long the Ferndale Dad has been silent. Soon, soon my pets, I shall report on ice cream socials, amazon.com listening samples of music that is supposed to make the toddlers dance and be merry.
I have no excuse for this except for this: The Boy has started school. Seriously? Shouldn't this be blog-worthy? I'm trying to find the thin line between posting his homework calendar and some thoughtful exposition on the contents of said homework assignment.
Jeeeebbus!!!! Homework in Kindergarten?! Am I joking?! Are They?!
OK, So he had to take something yellow into class and tomorrow, he's got to take something that starts with an "M" or "m" into class. The Boy is taking a bag full of mud. I love that kid.
Drink. Your. Peeeeee. Drink Your Peeeeeeee!!!! (With All Due Apologies to This American Life's Lies Sissies And Fiascoes CD).
Lates, gates.